Traditional art projects/works

The title says all the most important points :) Works and projects that I've done using traditional methods of art.

Red and gold. I wanted to use some glitter I bought and I'm quite happy with the result~

A birthday card for my brother. Done in 2017.

Sauna (2017)
Done with watercolours. I'm so proud of that ceiling~

Nyyrikki (2015)
Nyyrikki is the goddess of hunting or the elf of the forest in Finnish mythology.

Until death do us part (2014)
I'm a big fan of the movie director Tim Burton and sometimes I get inspired by his work; gloominess  and  pastel colors side by side.
Navajo girl(2016)
Done with ProMarkers and watercolor.
Päivänsäde ja menninkäinen(2016)
This work is based on a Finnish children's song Päivänsäde ja menninkäinen. It tells about a ray of light that gets lost in dusk. A goblin finds her and falls in love with her and he asks if the ray of light would like to come live with him in his cave (even though the light makes the goblin blind). The ray of light tells him that the darkness will kill her and that she must leave before it gets dark if she wants to live. So, they part and never meet again, but the goblin still loves the light.
Peetu and Aino (2016)
They are my characters that are inspired by my a very cute couple I know.

I'm a huge superhero fan so here is one of my own. She still lacks a name (I'm taking recommendations) but she's pretty cool.

Cinderella (2016)
Let's just say that I liked the movie and the dress.
Done in 2012.
The soul (2016)
In Finnish mythology, reindeers are believed to have born in the Northern kingdom, Pohjola, and their antlers are said to have grown out of stones.
Yōkais are Japanese mythology creatures, like demons or spirits. This yōkai was done by engraving(I have no idea what the term is in English, sorry :<)
Whenever I'm having feelings that I feel I need to handle somehow, I grab a pen and a paper. For me, drawing is a way to express myself and a way to develop ideas and thoughts, whether they are good or bad.
Here is a nymph sewing her heart back together. I chose to draw a nymph because, beside drawing, nature has always been very important to me and a place where I feel safe and calm. And obviously, I was feeling sad when I drew this so I combined the two most wonderful things in my life; art and nature.
Ghost couple

The an old Finnish myth, that tells of the birth of the wolf; the wolf was a child of a woman and the wind. The wolf was born the same way as many illnesses. Other tale says that a dragon turned into a wolf when the Finnish word for dragon was unknown.
Näkki is the evil guardian of river, spring, pond or a fountain. He/she bullies people and tries to take someone with them beneath the surface. Näkki can take several forms; frog, lizard or a handsome young man or a beautiful young lady. In Finnish mythology Näkki is usually female.
Done with pastel crayons.
Love conquers all.
 I did this in Ljubljana, Slovenia; me and my friend were travelling around Europe in autumn 2016. We visited a chapel in Ljubljana and there was a man who made these kind of prints. He let me try too and  this is the one I did. 

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