Sketches and doodles

The title says it all :)

Jolene (2017)
I was listening to Jolene by Dolly Parton when I was painting this. Done with red watercolour.

James sketches (2017).
He is one of my many characters; he is a dancer and ladies love him. I first wanted to call him Charlie Brown (like the song I got my insiration from) but when I watched the video on Youtube, I realised that it's the name of THE Charlie Brown (I only knew him by his Finnish name... how stupid of me). So now he is just James. I'm still working on the name and trying to get over this shocking revelation.
Here is the song that I got my inspiration from:

A little bit better sketch of... James. Done with a pencil and watercolours.

This is Akio. He's an old character of mine; I designed him when I was about 12. I re-drew a few pictures of him since it had been a while since I had drawn him.
Some sort of an anatomy study. I'd like to develop my skills of drawing realistic humans so here's a start.
A quick drawing of a (were)wolf. He was supposed to look more like a werewolf and human but I really wanted to draw that furry neck part... But if you look closely to his paws/legs you can see that they are not normal wolf paws!
A bear done about two years ago with a marker. Very quick and easy piece.
In Finnish mythology bear is a very important and powerful animal. Bears have been worshipped (I'm not sure if that's the right term...) and there have been different kinds of festivies for bears.
An elven king and his wolf. I had to crop his legs out because I don't like them as much as the rest of this picture. Done somewhere in 2015 and inspired by Swedish mythology and the works by J.R.R. Tolkien.
An early design for my characters Markus and Milla. I did chance their appearances quite a bit, but this one is still quite nice in my opinion.
An early design for Näkki (the finished piece of work is in the traditional art works folder). I wanted to make her a little more appealing, since she's supposed to take men in the lake with her.
Nothing to say really... Just a doodle I did for fun.

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