Digital works and projects

Projects/works that are done with Photoshop or something similar. I got my first own graphics tablet in January 2017 and since then I've been practising different styles and techniques with it.

Pirita (2017)
Based on an old Finnish movie Valkoinen peura (The white reindeer) (1952). The film is based on  Finnish mythology and Sami shamanism and is set in Finnish Lapland. The protagonist is a young woman named Pirita.
Louhi (2017)
Louhi is the wicked queen of the North in Finnish mythology. Her kingdom, Pohjola, is described as an evil and cold land far away in the North. The queen Louhi is a very powerful witch; she can transform into animals, change the weather, move the sun and the moon, heal and she can give birth to some very weird creatures.
A kitsune is a Japanese mythology creature. They are said to possess magical abilities and they have the ability to shape shift into human form. Some stories portray them as mischievous - others portray them as loyal guardians, friends and lovers.
The firefly was a symbol of love and war in Japanese mythology. In some legends, they were said to be the spirits of warriors who fell in battle.
A cat in a window(2017)
First I wanted to draw houses. Then I wanted to draw rain. Then this began to look like something and I wanted to finish this and, ta-dah, we have a cat in a window.
Meet the artist challenge, my version!

New header! (2017)

A quick sketch, mainly for anatomy training (2017).


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