Comics I've done over the years. All the characters and ideas are mine, unless I say otherwise.

A comic based on a Greek myth about soulmates. I did this one about four to five years ago, but I still like it for a reason that cannot be explained.
This one was done little after the Soulmate comic. The idea is my own and I like it but I have never continued this more. Hopefully I'll find inspiration and ideas to continue this one.
The text in English: 
Everyone must have heard the story of the lost paradise; Eden.
Humans broke the will of God and therefore became banished from the paradise.
God gave mercy to mankind, and gave them a second chance and a new land.
But what happened to Eden? Mankind would never return to the paradise so God created guardians that would take care of Eden. 
And so, for thousands of years, these guardians have kept Eden hidden from humans and the world... Untouched, just like it has been since the creation of this world.
Done in 2012. I think. 
Roydon is my own character.
My new project called Markus and Milla. I'm still working on it, but this is the first picture of the first comic of them. They are in Paris in this one~

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