About me

This is me (Jessica) exploring Venice, Italy in summer 2016.
I will be starting my studies of illustration in the UK in autumn 2017, and fueled by that fact, I made this portfolio to share my developement, interests and everything along the way.
I was born in Vaasa, Finland in December 1996. For the next ten or so years I spent drawing, studying and running in forests with my friends.
I have always loved art, literature, nature, hiking, music and my friends and my family. And animals of course.
 In spring 2015 I gratuated high school and wondered what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I decided to take my time figuring that out and took a few gap years. My first gap year I spent working and I visited Italy with a friend (a proof is that picture above). After a year, I still had no idea what to do. With some crazy luck, I ran into an acquaintance of mine, who had been studying in the UK and he told me a bit about what it was like. He was also into arts.
After that encounter it had somehow became clear to me that I wanted a career in the art industry. In September 2017 I quit my job and went to travel in Europe for two months. When I returned back to Finland, I began to work on my portfolio.
Now we are here!

Thank you!
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